Town of Oakland Annexation petition granted!

PRESS RELEASE – August 27, 2019

In a letter received August 26th by both the Town of Oakland and the Village of Cambridge, the State Department of Administration (DOA) granted the petitions as being in the public interest.  The letter stated: “In this case the petitioned territory is reasonably shaped and shows greater homogeneity to the Village of Cambridge than to the Town of Oakland.”  Further on in the letter it is noted: “Because the Village has been maintaining these annexation road segments since 2006, the Department cannot find that the Town clearly could provide better services to these road segments than the Village can.  Therefore the finding that the Village can provide needed services and that the annexation areas are compact and homogenous to the Village, the Department must find that this proposed annexation to be in the public interest.”

This action by the DOA affirms the contention by the Town of Oakland which has been since the signing of the Intergovernmental Agreement that the roads were to become Village roads. The actions by the Town and the Village confirm this position.  The Town since 2006 has provided the Village with the State road aid for the three roads.  Further the town has not performed any maintenance or exercised any control or ownership over the streets of North St., Blue Jay Way, and Potters Rd. At the same time the Village has maintained the roads and exercised complete control over the roads and taken whatever action they desired without informing, consulting or concurrence from the Town.

The Town is hopeful that the Town and the Village can now move forward from this point.  The heart of the Intergovernmental Agreement has been the creation and operation of a Joint Planning Committee and process.  This provides a mechanism for the cooperative work of the Town and the Village as they both seek to grow together into the future and make decisions which best serve the residents of both communities.