Are you looking for some easy ways to help protect Lake Ripley this fall and winter? Well look no further!

Leaves? Don’t put them in the street, instead bring them to the Town’s burn pile, or mulch them! Shredded leaves are easier for worms to break them down and return those essential nutrients to the soil. Mulch also helps to reduce common weeds, provides excellent insulation for delicate plants and insects over winter, helps soil retain moisture, protects plant roots from extreme temperatures and prevents erosion! Did you know it only takes one teaspoon of salt to pollute 5 gallons of water to a level that is toxic for freshwater ecosystems? That’s why it is so important to know how much salt is the right amount to use. A 12 ounce coffee mug full of salt is enough to treat a 20-foot driveway! Be salt wise this winter!