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Materials available at the Town Hall site for residents

The Town Hall site has materials available for residents throughout the year.  They are maintained by our Public Works Crew and if you have any questions please contact them (contact info is above, email is best).  Our site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.  The property is under video surveillance for everyone's protection and security and all materials are located to the South of the Main Public Works building, across the parking lot from the Town Hall.

Spring, Summer and Fall:

  • Burn Pile (drive up and drop off)
  • Chips/mulch (help yourself to as much as you can haul)
  • Compost (as much as you can haul)


  • Salt/sand mix (located near the salt shed)
    • The salt/sand mix MAY be temporarily reduced if there is a lot of plowing for Public Works

Heavy Rains/Flooding

There are times in the spring where we may experience flooding due to heavy rains.  If this is the case the town will always have sand available, and possibly sand bags as well.  Contact Public Works or the Town Hall for more details.

As always, if you have questions regarding any of these, please contact Public Works (first) or the Town Hall and we'll do our best to help.

***Please note we do not have dirt available***


Right of ways are the areas outside of the surfaced and vehicle-traveled portion of the highway.  Local governments, including Oakland, are responsible and liable for the management of their highways, including right of way maintenance.

Cultivation within the Right of Way not allowed

Active cultivation within the highway right of way by adjacent owners or occupiers of lands is prohibited.  With the towns permission you may plant trees, shrubs or hedges within the highway right of way.  This type of cultivation is only permissible within the first ten feet of the highway right of way from its outer edge.  Any plants so cultivated may still be removed later by either the town or the residents.  Wis. Stat. 86.03(3)  Farming is excluded from the highway right of way.  No person may plow, cultivate crops or otherwise work the land such that its drainage may be affected.  Nor can any person operate farm or other machinery such that it damages the right of ways.  These are misdemeanor violations.  Wis. Stats. 86.021

Altering the Right of Way Without Permission is not allowed

It is a misdemeanor violation to make any ditch, depression or embankment such that it impedes use of a highway, or to place any obstruction in a highway or in a ditch that drains the highway.  Wis. Stat. 86.022  No person may dig in a highway right of way without first getting permission/permit from the town.  Violators may be fined and the highway authority may return the highway to its original condition.  Wis. Stats.86.07  Anyone wishing to place utility-type lines within the highway right of way with either poles or pipes must make a written request to the town first, with the town required to respond within twenty days while having the option of adding reasonable conditions.  Wis. Stats.86.16  Violators of this statute may be cited.